This is an ongoing project with Faesy-Smith Architects and FSA Construction Services, working with Geoff Middeleer to achieve appreciation of this wonderfully varied terrain, which is becoming a private park. The approach to the property is through a pair of metal gates, flanked by stone walls that complement the New England landscape as if they have surrounded the site for centuries.
    The pea stone driveway leads to the house. To open up the view of the pond, trees have been removed and the site has been planted with native grasses, indigenous perennials, and ferns.
    Two paths start from the house and lead to lower levels of the site. One leads past the pool house through the woods. Another path takes one down large flat stone steps past three spilling ponds and a hillside planted as a rock garden. Both paths lead to the tennis court and putting green.
    Further expansion of the property will include a Garden Folly from which several focused views of the landscape may be seen.
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